WT shock absorber-nitrogen cylinder (street version)

This series is divided into competitive version, street version

◆ Soft and hard 36-segment damping adjustment

◆ Forging pallet design

◆ Cold forging 9524 spring

◆ Optional fisheye seat

◆ Single-barrel oil and gas separation design

◆ Imported IP damping oil

◆ 36-segment adjustment with nitrogen cylinders

◆ One year of warranty (single parts exchangeable)

◆ Provide OEM contract services
【Fisheye Seat】
A variety of shock-absorbing systems are suitable

【Strengthening the seat】
Suitable for ring races, rally races, increased stability and handling of the car

【Number of damping segments】
Adjustable, hard and soft adjustment feel obvious

Suitable for all kinds of intense handling Can be tailored to individual needs

【Strengthening Pallets】
Excellent security

【Lower foot tube】
Made of high-strength alloys A variety of shock-absorbing systems are suitable